This simple Python script, run as an Automator workflow on MacOS, or in a command prompt on Windows, is designed to fix some problems that arise when using interpreted footage in Premiere. This can cause conform issues in Resolve, where even after interpreting the files the same way, instances of the clips that have been retimed will not conform to the right timecode or play at the right speed.
This is an issue, for example, with 50fps footage coming from a DSLR-type that the editor might want to conform to 25fps for proper slow motion, or for stock footage that was shot at a different framerate and need to be adjusted.
It takes a Premiere XML as input, outputs a new XML and a txt file with a list of the Premiere-interpreted clips that should have their framerate changed in Resolve. That new XML should import perfectly with zero conform issues once the clips have been framerate-matched in Resolve (which can be done after import).
To test it out, download and follow the instructions on my GitHub page.
This is a work in progress, with some minor issues. It lists Graphic files as having the wrong framerate, for example, and user errors are not handled (if the user tries to run a file that isn't an XML through it).

I plan to add more features, such as automatically deleting empty tracks, etc...

If you've noticed some different conform issues between Premiere and Resolve that you think could be addressed by this script, get in touch via my contact page.
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