Chart Star

  • Role:
  • Type:
    Web series
  • Genre:
  • Producer:
  • Director:
    Kate McGraw
  • DoP:
    Diana Trauer
  • Duration:
  • Project URL:
  • Release date:
    November 2012

CHART STAR follows Isla; a young woman obsessed with becoming a reality television star. Every time she is in front of a screen – which most flat surfaces are these days – there is some kind of reality show on; be it a cooking competition, Australia’s Next Porn Star or a camera pointed at two people falling out of love. She applies to every one of the hundreds that have overtaken the airwaves, but with plain looks and limited talent, rejection after rejection congest her inbox and drive Isla to the point of desperation. Without being famous, she is nothing.

One morning a lifeline comes. It takes the form of an invitation from the the long running talent competition Chart Star to be vetted. She jumps at the opportunity, desperate for her chance to to escape the purgatory that is being a ‘nobody’.

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